Officer Hicks joins KPD

photo by Kim Cameron | Officer Bryson Hicks was hired at the end of November. He joins Officer Robert Bowen and Chief Jamie Lucas.
photo by Kim Cameron | Officer Bryson Hicks was hired at the end of November. He joins Officer Robert Bowen and Chief Jamie Lucas.

Officer Bryson Hicks joinedthe Kremmling Police Department at the end of November.

As a self-described military brat, Officer Hicks admits he always had an interest in the military and law enforcement. In Virginia, most of the law enforcement officers he knew were also former military so he thought the two went hand in hand. He was looking at a career in the military when he decided to take a different direction.

Using his interest in technology, he began working at Apple in Denver, Colorado. While there, he met a former Director of the Police Academy, visited with him, and decided once again to pursue his law enforcement career.
After his graduation from the academy, he completed his field training at the Winter Park/Fraser Police Department and began his journey in Grand County and law enforcement.

“I was brand new to law enforcement and to mountain living,” he reflects of his move. To round out his experience, he was later hired by the Grand County Sheriff’s Office where he served as a jailer.

“I got more law enforcement experience and got more experience dealing with people,” he said. “I learned how to de-escalate situations and calm people down.”

He is currently commuting from Fraser, but hopes to move to Kremmling when housing is available.

“I wanted a small town where I could learn a lot and be able to talk to people. In a bigger city, you take a call and then have to bounce to another call. It doesn’t give you time to get to know the people,” he says, admitting that Kremmling still keeps him busy and is never boring.

Officer Hicks also enjoys the investigative aspect of his Kremmling role. “Here you have the time to investigate and to follow through. You aren’t expected to hand it off to another department.”

He enjoys using technology for data analysis and is excited Kremmling’s department is currently embracing change. In the future, he hopes to utilize his love of technology more and be a resource for the county as a “tech nerd.” He also emphasizes the importance of detailed report writing for criminal convictions.

Overall, Officer Hicks loves everything about his chosen profession. “It is very enjoyable.

I like helping others. And when you see someone in need or hear sirens, it puts you in a position where you can actually help,” he says.


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