Passion, Perseverance, and Growth

Lori Haack
Lori Haack

Letter to the editor…
I am writing to truly thank the Kremmling Community for the support and love that they have shown me throughout the last 15 years. It is this love and support that has guided me to pursue my passion through perseverance and growth.

I have been a teacher at West Grand for the last 15 years teaching everything from biology, welding, photography to robotics. Many would ask why would you teach so many different things? The love of learning new things and growing personally through that process is something I have always truly enjoyed.

Over the last several years I have been worked with students to embrace an open mind, to allow my self and my students, to realize that they can achieve whatever their hearts desire. But to achieve big things it takes pursuing it with passion, perseverance, and growth. This is a lesson that I hope that many of my former students and my current students realize that they have taught me. There is nothing more special as a teacher than having that one student that believes that they can accomplish what seems to be the impossible and you get to be a part of helping them achieve it. Part of achieving what seems impossible is figuring out how to overcome the obstacles, challenges, and failures through perseverance to achieve that goal. That perseverance takes a lot of hard work, and drive to stick with your passion and follow-through. This is the process of growth; it takes struggles and challenges to build character to overcome obstacles that can lead to success. This is what FIRST is all about and what the students have taught me over the last 5 years. Because of this, I have been blessed with an opportunity to bring all this experience to FIRST from a classroom perspective.

So I thank the Kremmling community and it is with mixed feelings that I resigned as the STEM teacher at West Grand. The position that I have accepted at FIRST is a curriculum developer, this role is an opportunity to help the organization that has helped many of our students get into every school in the nation. So I will be one of 5-6 people on a team to develop and help implement education initiatives nationally. This opportunity doesn’t mean that I am walking away from continuing to support my students or the Kremmling Community, as a remote employee I will be able to work from home which means that if they need my support I can still be available. I am hoping that this will also serve as an example for all of the students that if you follow your passion and with a little bit of hard work and perseverance you can achieve anything. I want to thank the Kremmling community for all of their support for my robotics program and the growth of myself as an individual.
Lori Haack