School district will have school board elections with five candidates and Town will have SB 152 election


Five eligible candidates have filed their official petitions for the four West Grand School board seats. Those who have applied are: incumbent Jessica Smiley, Helen Webster, Michael “Mitch” Lockhart, Shawn Lechman, and Everett “Shorty” Lemon.

The election will be a mail ballot election, and according to Grand County Clerk and Recorder Sara Rosene, ballots will be mailed out on October 16 for Grand County registered voters. Those overseas or in the military will be sent on September 22. The ballots will need to be returned by November 7 to be counted. Once again, the 24-Hour ballot locations across the county can be utilized. Those on the west end of the county can find the drop-off at the CSU Extension Hall and one in front of the Grand County Administrative Building. Both the East Grand School District and Grand County have cancelled their respective elections. This means that the West Grand School District will have to take on the whole cost of the election, but will coordinate their election with the County.

The Town of Kremmling is currently planning to have a mail ballot election for Senate Bill 152 but their district is different than the school board. Senate Bill 152 prevents municipalities from creating their own broadband networks. The vote would be to opt out of Senate Bill 152 allowing the town to pursue other broadband options. The election would be handled by Town Clerk Rhonda Shearer. This is the cheapest option for the town even though it is the most labor intensive. Ballots can be returned by mail or dropped off at the town hall.